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Welcome to the 2017 Super Rugby Fantasy League.

Please read through the information provided here for instructions on how to play the game and score points.

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Team Selection

Once you have registered you will need to select your Super Rugby Fantasy Team.

All team management decisions such as player transfers and choosing your captain occur on the Manage Team page.

Follow our simple on-screen instructions to select your initial team, which can then be changed as much as you like right up until the next round starts.

The following rules apply to team selection:

  • You need to select a full team of 15 starting players with 7 players on the substitutes bench.
  • Your total team value needs to be within the allocated budget.
  • You must nominate a captain, a vice-captain and a kicker before you can save your team (cannot be the same player).
  • Your captain scores double points. Your vice-captain only comes into play and earns double points if your captain doesn't take to the field.
  • Only your designated kicker scores points for penalties and conversions. Any player in your team will earn points for drop goals.


Team set up info per round:

  • Maximum of 3 players per team in the Conference Stage
  • Maximum of 6 players per team in the Quarter Finals
  • Maximum of 8 players per team in the Semi Finals
  • Maximum of 12 players per team in the Final


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How The Budget Works

The Super Rugby Fantasy League is a budget-based fantasy game.

You have a virtual budget of $300 million to select your fantasy team which includes your starting 15 and 7 players on the bench.

Player values will fluctuate during the course of the tournament with values increasing or decreasing based on their round by round performance and popularity.

Player values will change after every third round. So this means after round 3, then after round 6, etc.

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Substitutes Bench

In addition to your 15 starting players, you'll need to select 7 substitutes, with 1 substitute available per position.

Your substitutes on the bench will score half points.

Your substitutes will come into play if any of your main 15 players don't take to the field. So for any given position the substitute will be swapped with the missing starting player and you score the full points for the sub.

Auto-substitution will occur when the final scores are loaded at the end of a round.

This only applies to the current round and your team returns to the original setting going into the next round.

If your captain doesn't take to the field, the player you designated as vice-captain will score double points.

If neither your captain nor your vice-captain takes to the field, you will not have a player taking on the captain role to score double points.

Your kicker will be swapped with the incoming player on the bench.

During a transfer window, you may freely swap starting players with substitutes without these changes counting towards your round transfer allocation.

Once a round locks out, your substitutes cannot be changed, in the same way your captain and kicker cannot be changed.

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Scoring Points

Your fantasy team is awarded points based on the actual performance of the players in your team during each match. Scores are updated at the end of each round.

The selected players in your team score points as follows:

Action Details Points
Appearance For playing in a full match 4

For playing in a part of a match 2

Result Points For a Home Win 4

For an Away Win 8

For a Home Draw 2

For an Away Draw 4

Tries Try scored by Tight Five 16

Try scored by Loose Forward 14

Try scored by Back 12
Assists For a player directly responsible for setting up a try - usually the player who passes or kicks to the try-scorer 6

Kicks Conversion (kicker only) 2

Penalty (kicker only) 3

Drop Goal (any player) 6

Cards Yellow card -6

Red card (includes any yellow card points) -10

Bonus Points For every bonus point awarded to the team your player is in 2

Notes about scoring:

  • Your nominated captain scores double points.
  • Your vice-captain only comes into play and earns double points if your captain doesn't take to the field.
  • Only your nominated kicker scores points for penalties and conversions.
  • Any player in your team can earn points for drop goals.
  • Substitutes score half points.
  • The 'Tight Five' includes the Front Row and Locks.
  • The 'Backs' include the Scrum-half, Fly-half, Centre and Outside Back positions.
  • The Player Info panel always shows total player points including kicks.
  • The judges' decision on scoring is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Players given red cards won't be credited with a full appearance. If a player is also given a yellow card before the red, then only the red is counted.
  • Scores are based on the events in the match and are not changed after the match is complete.

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You have a limited allocation of 90 transfers for the whole tournament, use them wisely.

The transfer allocation includes the quarter finals, semis and final.

You can make unlimited transfers to your team before the tournament starts.

Transfers allowed per round:

  • Up to 6 transfers before each Conference round.
  • Up to 8 transfers before the Quarter Finals.
  • Up to 10 transfers before the Semi Finals.
  • Up to 12 transfers before the Final.

Each time you transfer players in and out and press the Save Changes button your total transfer allocation will be reduced. So be sure to choose carefully as all changes are final and cannot be reversed.

Transfers are carried out on the Manage Team page. Team management is not available once the round locks out and for the initial stages of the round.

The Home page shows your current team that is active for the current round.

You can make transfers on the Manage Team page for an upcoming round while a current round is in progress. These changes will only be reflected on the Home page once the new round starts.

Note that the lockout for the start of a new round is at the start of the first match in the new round. So you must finalise your team before then. Be sure to choose carefully as all changes are final and cannot be reversed.

Changing your captain, kicker and making substitutes within your existing team does not count towards your available transfers.

See the Fixtures & Rounds page for the full schedule of the Super Rugby Fantasy League.

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In addition to the overall competition, you can set up one or many Private Leagues where you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to compete against you. The option to set up a Private League can be accessed from the My Leagues page, once you are logged in. You can choose to send an automatic email to your friends by entering their email addresses online, or alternatively you can forward your Private League code to them.

An additional feature in the Leagues area is a message board which you can use to communicate with other team managers in your League by posting comments. You can also upload your own personalised team photo or icon as well as a logo for your league. The League Administrator has the functionality to delete uninvited teams or inappropriate comments.

  • You are automatically entered in the Global League which includes all the registered teams playing in the overall competition.
  • The Global League lists the Top 500 teams.
  • The Round League lists the Top 500 teams for the current round.

Team Supported Leagues
You will be automatically entered into a league with other fans of the team you support when you fill in the Team Supported field on the My Profile page.

King of Leagues
This is where our top-performing league groups battle it out to see who's got the most skilled group of fantasy managers. Any league with a minimum of 5 members is automatically entered into this league. The average total score of the managers in the league is used to determine the King of Leagues ranking.

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The Super Rugby Fantasy League is divided into 21 rounds as follows:
  • Conference stage (rounds 1-18)
  • Quarter Finals (round 19)
  • Semi Finals (round 20)
  • Final (round 21)

See the Fixtures & Rounds page for the full tournament schedule.

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Prize info to be announced soon!

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You can contact us at if you have any further questions and feedback.

Or use our online helpdesk:

We're here to help you!

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